Could Jay Leno Bring Down the Irish Government?

Could Jay Leno bring down the Irish government?

That now looks like it could be a possibility.

Prime Minister Brian Cowen appeared to have got past a major controversy over whether he was drunk when he was interviewed on an early morning Irish radio show on September 14th.

He appeared on the show after a late-night party with political colleagues in a Galway hotel.

He was hoarse, mixed up the names of some organizations and party colleagues said he was suffering from congestion, not drink or a hangover. Others thought he was either drunk or very hungover.

On September 22nd Jay Leno picked up the narrative when he featured a deeply unflattering picture of Cowen during his monologue and referred to him as a 'drunken moron' .

Now a few days later, the Leno comments have suddenly re-opened the whole issue with Cowen

Leno's comments have now revived a controversy that seemed dead after Cowen apologized for his behavior and promised to make lifestyle changes, widely interpreted to mean that he would not be seen drinking in public again.

Leno is famous in Ireland and his show is widely regarded as the ultimate in American Zeitgeist. For their prime minister to be called a 'drunken moron' on such a show is a very big deal indeed.

"Chat King Leno describes Cowen to Millions as Drunken Moron" was the headline on the Evening Herald and many other newspapers followed suit.

The talk radio airwaves were once again buzzing with talk of how damaged Ireland was because of the Leno commentary.

Where this will end, no one knows, but Cowen already heads up a deeply unpopular government.

Amazingly, the Leno comments may be the straw that break the camel's back. The idea that millions of Americans think their Prime Minister is a drunken moron does not sit well in Ireland