Could Man Convicted Of Killing His Parents Be Innocent?

Just before Christmas 2008, Linda and Steven Riley were found brutally stabbed to death in their California home. Their son, Matthew, who found the bodies, was arrested, convicted of murder, and is now serving two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

But Matthew's aunt, Angela, believes her nephew is innocent while the real killer remains free. "In my eyes, this is a gross miscarriage of justice. My nephew Matt is completely innocent. He did not murder his own parents," she says. Angela places the blame for his conviction in part on his wife, Jenny, saying her statements about events had differing versions, even when she was under oath. "I don't think she really wanted him to wind up in prison. I think she just wanted to keep answering the question the way she felt the people wanted her to answer," Angela explains.

Jenny is adamant her testimony was truthful and that she believes Matt killed his parents. "The only way that I can describe the way Matt was acting is that he wreaked of guilt. It seemed like Matt was hiding something from me," she says, recalling how Matt attempted suicide two days after his parents were found dead. "Why would he do that if he wasn't guilty? I felt extremely horrified. It's the father of my children. How could he murder his own flesh and blood?"

She admits her story about the events on the night of the murder changed, but explains, "I had never testified before. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I did not want to be the one to nail his coffin shut. I changed my story a lot ... But there's not a doubt in my mind that murdered his parents."

Watch the video above as Angela questions Jenny's testimony, and see what happens when the two women confront each other for the first time since the trial.