Could Robots Aide in Future Military Operations? U.S. Marines Think So


This sounds like something straight out of "Battle Star Galactica," but I assure you this is actual technology the Marine Corps are testing. Under the umbrella of "shaping tomorrow's Marine Corps today" the proud branch has really been pushing the limits in regards to future military operations. According to the DOD, "As threats to America's global interests evolve and manifest in new ways, the Marine Corps will step out smartly to assess its own methodologies, composition and equipment requirements to ensure effectiveness in a rapidly changing environment."

Among many of the new technologies that have been tested, they have been experimenting with a Legged Squad Support System or LS3 that could help lighten the load of dismounted infantry by carrying up to 400lbs of equipment. Not only does the LS3 look intimidating, but this concept-demonstration that can navigate rugged terrain by using semi-autonomous navigation, could possibly aide Marines on the ground by assisting in carrying injured service members off the battlefield and out of harm's way.

This week, a group of Marines are in Hawaii testing out the LS3 and other forward thinking concept warfighting capabilities. Marines hope this "Advanced Warfighting Experiment will rebalance the Corps, and posture it for the future and aggressively experiment with and implement new capabilities and organizations."

So Battle Star Galactica fans can rest easy, I doubt a "Cylon" invasion is in our future. The Marines are just doing what they do best, by staying a head of the curve.

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab's Advanced Warfighting Experiment