Could This 1-Minute Gender Equality Scale Exercise Save Your Job?

TechStars Jordan Rothenberg uses the Gender Equality Scale as a leadership tool with Erica O’Grady.
TechStars Jordan Rothenberg uses the Gender Equality Scale as a leadership tool with Erica O’Grady.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that robots don’t do doorknobs, stairs or balls. “They also don’t do empathy, compassion or chew gum,” says social tech inventor Alexia Parks. In today’s workplace, where algorithms and robots are being trained to take over human jobs, where software engineers talk about implants to enhance the human brain, it makes sense to think about a $12 Trillion global resource that McKinsey says is still “untapped:” our human potential. Could a 1-minute test called the Gender Equality Scale Test unlock that potential? Ask Alexia, who developed this Mind Tool in collaboration with a medical doctor, and then expanded its decision-making framework with an MIT engineer who spent 28 years managing strategic planning and decision science at INTEL.

It’s been said that most of our energy and skills is untapped. That our inner resources are not being properly utilized. That a life without a sense of purpose is an unlived life. So imagine the disruptive impact of a social technology (ST) tool that takes less than a minute to engage your whole brain by creating a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful masculine and feminine traits. Imagine a cross cultural 1-minute test based on a constellation of 12 sciences that instantly shifts you out of fear, anger or uncertainty to a mental and emotional place of self-control and calm reflection. In that moment of clarity, you experience both a deeper connection to positive self-expression and a pathway to happiness.

By placing pre-selected masculine/feminine traits into a structural framework - without reference to gender - the tool can also be used for trait-balancing, team-building, aligning diverse minds and improved decision-making.

Could Alexia Parks Gender Equality Scale Test be the modern day equivalent of Archimedes lever?

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