Countries That Pay You to Move Your Startup to Their Country

Countries That Pay You to Move Your Startup to Their Country
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Some countries struggle to attract new businesses. And they have decided to ask. If you want to see some of the most attention-grabbing Tweets from this year, look at the ones from countries that are actually paying you to move there.

Certain countries will offer immediate financial incentives to fund your startup, whereas others will simply reduce your bills and taxes in exchange for making the move.

The United States

Here's a country that you likely didn't expect to see on this list. While you may love the chance to move to the capital of capitalism, you can't move absolutely anywhere. There are only certain parts of the US that you can move to, and most of them are economically depressed areas.

Detroit, Michigan, is one and Anchorage, Alaska, is another. Each scheme has different incentives that you have to take into account. For example, some schemes may only be open to certain industries. Carefully check the terms of these relocation programs before committing to them.


Did you know that Chile will pay you $50,000 to move your startup there?

There's a big catch to Start-Up Chile, of course. You must create a startup that has the potential to becoming a global phenomenon. For the first six months of the project, you have to live in Chile. The benefit of this startup program is that it's conducted entirely in English, even though this is a Spanish-speaking country.

It has been a success because this scheme started in 2010 and it's still going strong. The statistics speak for themselves, with 45% of businesses still going strong. Along with the money you get, you will receive a one-year work visa and a list of business contacts to start working with.


Denmark is one of the most entrepreneur-friendly countries in the world. It also gives you access to the single market. A prime part of the European Union (EU), Denmark's scheme will give you a two-year working visa and a chance to settle in the country.

There are no financial incentives given directly for your startup, but you will gain access to the health and welfare systems, which is rare for newcomers to a country. Consider the fact that Denmark offers one of the most generous systems in the world and this scheme is actually worth thousands of dollars to you.

This safety net is an incredible boon for anyone looking to start their own business.


Enterprise Ireland is the scheme that is aiming to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. If you believe that you have a startup with high-growth potential, you can apply for funding from Enterprise Ireland. If accepted, you will gain thousands in funding and a chance to live and work in Ireland.

As a solid member of the EU, you will gain access to the common market using the Euro currency, which is one of the strongest currencies in the world. Ireland is known for its relatively high standard of living and its lower taxes on new businesses.


Mauritius is one of the more experimental countries on this list because its international startup scheme is still in the early stages of growth. The only downside to this scheme is that the allowance of 20,000 Rs is not worth that much in US dollars, but the low cost of living in the country means that this is enough to sustain you in a tropical paradise set in the Indian Ocean.

In order to qualify for this scheme, you must prove to the evaluation committee that your idea is viable. You will be rated in a number of categories, including Creativity, Technology, Business Model, Financials, and Innovation.

Before You Move

The chance to live and work in another country may sound like a great idea. The problem is that it's not always the best move for you. Consider the business implications of moving to another part of the world. Can you operate just as well in Chile as you could in the United States?

Startups are notoriously fragile and choosing the wrong location could cause serious problems in the long-term. Think about whether moving is right for you and whether it's going to give your startup the best chance of success.

Where will you move your startup?

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