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And The World Capital Of Penis Enlargement Is...


Not satisfied with the size of your sausage? Feeling bad about the brat that you got? Is your wiener simply the wurst?

Well, there's almost 2,800 people in Germany that felt similarly last year, according to new data by ISAPS, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Of an estimated 15,414 enlargements worldwide, 2,786 operations took place in Germany. That's 18 percent of all penis enlargements in the world, much more than any other nation. The second most penis enlargement surgeries were done in Venezuela.

As the Guardian points out, the data wasn't compiled by nationality, so the surgeries in Germany didn't necessarily take place on German men.

Data from ISAPS holds that, although Germany is in the top five nations with the most plastic surgery procedures, Brazil is number one, followed by the USA.

Fun with numbers: The ratio of German penis enlargements to Brazilian penis enlargements in 2013, was 2,786 to 219, almost 13 to 1 -- roughly double that of German goals to Brazilian goals in that infamous 2014 World Cup match. Score.

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