Devin Norling And Sydney Sanders, Florida Couple, Arrested On First Date

First dates can be awkward, so it's good to find common interests, like long walks on the beach or petty crime.

Florida police arrested two teenagers last week for allegedly attempting a "dine-and-ditch" after the couple enjoyed their first date.

Authorities say that Devin Norling, 18, and Sydney Sanders, 19, were just finishing up their meal at the Indian River Mall T.G.I. Friday's when they began plotting to avoid the $25.16 bill, the TCPalm reports.

A restaurant manager explained that shortly after Sanders mentioned the couple was on their first outing, the pair attempted their first crime.

First, Sanders successfully made her way from the restaurant patio where the couple dined to the parking lot. Unfortunately for Norling, however, an alarm sounded after he attempted to leave through a fire exit, prompting a Friday's manager to corner Norling and insist that he pay for the meal. Instead, Norling fled again.

Authorities also say they discovered marijuana and a pipe in Sanders' purse.

Both teens face charges of obtaining food with intent to defraud. Police also charged Sanders with possession of drug paraphernalia.