Couple Busted For Having Sex On Water Slide At Opoczno, Poland Amusement Park

'Tunnel Of Love' Couple Busted Having Sex On Water Slide

Security personnel at a amusement park in Opoczno, Poland, ejected two tourists earlier this week after they were caught joining the "water slide-high club" at the top of one of the attractions.

Facility cameras captured the incident, allowing park attendants to meet the naughty couple with buckets of cold water at the bottom of the slide.

"The women was filmed straddling her boyfriend and starting to make love before the pair shot down the bright blue tunnel, in what must have been a breach of the water park rules," Metro reports.

Officials with the park escorted the man and women straight from their "tunnel of love" to the park exit, without allowing them to retrieve their clothes, according to the Croatian Times.

"They were at it for a good five minutes before anyone realized what was going on," one lifeguard said, according to The Sun.

The photo of the couple is now circulating among European tabloids.

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