Couple Dies In Back Seat Of Car After Carbon Monoxide Seeps In: Sheriff

A Kentucky couple reportedly having sex in the back of their car died after the vehicle filled up with carbon monoxide.

Violet Iles, 25 (pictured) and David Long, 32, kept the car running with the windows rolled up for about 90 minutes to conserve heat on a 40-degree night in Glencoe, WCPO reports. They couldn't sense the poisonous, odorless gas seeping in from the vehicle's rusty tailpipe.

Gallatin County Sheriff Josh Neale told the station that the pair was having sex at the time, though the sheriff's department later refuted that claim, saying the "couple was sleeping," the New York Daily News reports.

Long's brother Kevin, who lives nearby where the car was parked, found the couple's bodies on May 13 at about 6:40 a.m., as he was walking his children to the school bus.

"I pulled him [Long] out and I tried to do CPR on him, and the paramedics tried to talk me through it over the phone," Kevin Long told WCPO.

The sheriff's office warned that anyone staying in their car for an extended period of time should roll the windows down or turn off the vehicle. The department is awaiting toxicology reports to see whether the couple was on drugs or alcohol at the time.

Meanwhile, Iles' sister has set up a GoFundMe page to support Iles' family and the two children, ages 4 and 6, whom she leaves behind.

"My sister was a wonderful woman who would have given you the shirt off her back even if she didn't know you," the woman writes.

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