Couple Making Out At Is Bar Oblivious To Robbery Next To Them

They make a cute couple, but lousy witnesses.

That must have been some kiss.

A surveillance tape showing a robbery at a bar in Billings, Montana, is going viral because it shows a couple so busy making out they don't notice a crime is going on.

The robbery took place at the Tap Inn early Monday morning, according to news station KPAX.

As the video shows, the couple was playing tongue hockey at the bar when three suspects -- a female and two men -- entered the bar armed with handguns.

The suspects all disguised themselves with bandanas and gloves.

Not that it matters.

The lovebirds are so into each other that they don't even notice one of the masked robbers making the bartender open the cash register less than six feet from where they're sitting.

The crime is still under investgation, but here's another view of the crime from various security cameras, courtesy of LiveLeak.

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