Couple Meets For First Time After Forming Relationship Via Halo, Facebook, Skype (VIDEO)

WATCH: Couple Meets In Person For The First Time

It was like a scene straight out of a movie. Five years after meeting in a Halo 3 game lobby and two years after deciding to begin a romantic relationship, one young couple ran into each other's arms for the very first time.

She was from Texas, he lived in Tennessee, and until that day at the airport, the pair had never met in person. Instead, they only communicated via video games, MySpace and Facebook, according to the video's YouTube description. But it was a conversation via Skype that solidified their chemistry and encouraged the couple to step out of the "friend zone."

Since March, the couple has met in person at least two other times, and they're now engaged to be married. In the video's comments section, a curious user asked if the proposal happened online or in real life. Cadynow, the user who uploaded the video, replied: "In real life of course."

Though the video was shot in March, Reddit user redpanda22 recently posted it to the online forum, where it began gaining buzz on Monday. It was subsequently featured the Ned Hardy blog, which warned users the clip "will make you feel all good inside."

Over the years, technology has played a big role in bringing people together.

Online dating is now the second most popular way to meet a mate, according to a study by the University of Rochester. Meeting through mutual friends is still the most popular method.

But rendezvous through sites like eHarmony and aren't the only way people are getting together nowadays.Take Trish and David Palmer, for example. After meeting through popular mobile game "Words With Friends," the pair decided to tie the knot with a beach wedding in Hilton Head, S.C.

"I want to say that the romantic feelings actually started happening pretty early on. I just couldn’t wait to turn on my phone in the morning to see if he had texted me," Trish told The Huffington Post in May.

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