Couple Of Nearly 70 Years Share The Most Poignant Marriage Advice

Too sweet.

After 67 years of marriage, six kids, 25 grandkids, 22 great-grandkids and having survived World War II, we’re pretty sure Warren and Bonnie have enough experience under their belts to dish out some pretty reliable relationship advice.

The couple, who are both around 90, took to the social networking site Reddit this week to impart their wisdom and advice on the younger generations, with the help of their grandson. Users sent in their questions and the couple happily agreed to answer. 

Would they recommend marriage? Highly. Warren’s number one piece of advice to people in their 30s is to take the plunge and walk down the aisle. 

As for how they’ve managed to make their marriage last nearly seven decades, we think the old, “Happy wife, happy life” adage might have had something to do with it.

But jokes aside, Warren and Bonnie really did offer some perfectly poignant advice.

The number one key for staying happily married for as long as they have?

“Listening to your spouse,” Warren said. “Oh, and good food.”

“A marriage is not a contract, it’s a negotiation,” Bonnie said. “You have to work at making a good home, it doesn’t just happen.”

Aside from advice, Warren and Bonnie gave us some insight as to how much life has changed since their youth. Electricity and TV were what they called the two greatest advancements of modern times, though younger generations might take these things for granted.

Another thing we shouldn’t take for granted? Older people.

“The welfare of older people,” is what Warren said society doesn’t pay enough attention to. “We are very lucky for what we have.”

An excellent reminder.  



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