Couple Of The Year Countdown: Donna Britt And Kevin Merida

As part of HuffPost BlackVoices weekly series counting down the top eight power couples of the year, we present “BV Power Couples.” Each week we will highlight what each member brings to the table along with their power ranking. Landing in at the number seven spot is award-winning journalists Donna Britt and Kevin Merida.

Full Name: Donna Britt
Occupation: Journalist/Author
Big Wig Affiliation: The Washington Post/USA Today
Claim to Fame: Co-winner of the 1994 American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award.
Current Status: In 2011 Britt released her debut memoir, “Brothers (& Me),” which was highlighted as one of O Magazine’s “10 Titles to Pick Up Now.”
Word for Word: “I ended up with an undeniable soft spot for guys and often felt more comfortable talking to, joking with, hanging out with guys than with girls and women. Being close to lots of very different men taught me that guys' machismo is often more bluster than genuine (which doesn't make it any less annoying!). But I always liked guys enough to forgive them their posing—which taught me that I'm basically a very forgiving person.” (O Magazine, 2011)

Full Name: Kevin Merida
Occupation: Journalist/Author
Big Wig Affiliation: The Washington Post
Claim to Fame: Named 2000 Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.
Current Status: National editor at The Washington Post
Word for Word: N/A


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