Couple Pays It Forward, Offers Free Trip To Hawaii To 'Most Loving Person'

Canadians are known for being nice, but one Alberta couple is taking nice to a whole new level.

Newlyweds Cody and Eva Borek won a trip for two to Hawaii after buying a new car, but instead of enjoying the vacation themselves, they've decided to give it away to the "Most Loving Person" they can find.

They originally planned to use the trip as their honeymoon (neither of them has ever been to Hawaii), but on the same day they purchased the car, they noticed a young woman reading a book called The Secret to Happiness.

"It was the size of two dictionaries," Cody Borek, 23, told The Huffington Post. "I thought, 'Hey, I'm a happy person. It surely isn't that complicated' ... then [a thought] just popped into my head: 'Do unto others as you would have done unto you.'"

That's when the Boreks -- co-owners of Today's Sweet Cakery cupcake shop -- realized that their community has already blessed them with good fortune. They decided it was time for them to use their trip to give back.

"We thought this could be an opportunity for people to recognize those folks in the community that inspire them and who they are truly thankful for," Borek said.

The couple announced their giveaway on Christmas with a Facebook page that called for nominations for "the most loving person" in Alberta, Canada.

That person should "put others first and inspire others with their actions of love, as well as their words," according to Borek. While the Boreks are Christian and sometimes invoke Christ in their posts, they are encouraging nominations from all faiths and backgrounds.

In under two weeks, they have received more than 10,000 nominations from all over the world. However, only nominees from Alberta will be considered for the trip. On Jan. 23, the couple will choose the top 10 nominees who fit their criteria for living the most "loving, caring, forgiving life." Then, they'll place the names in a hat and choose the winner at random.

One man is guaranteed a spot in the hat.

John W. Myslicki is a retired teacher and Santa Claus look-a-like who was nominated more than 100 times for his random acts of kindness, such as paying for someone else's groceries at the market or handing out gifts to his neighbors after their crops were damaged in a hail storm.

At first, he withdrew himself from the contest. "Honestly," he said to the Boreks in a message, "if there are other worthy couples, you can pick one of them ... I have done a lot of traveling in my life. Back packed [sic] around the world. Pick someone who has never had the opportunity to travel."

After encouragement from the giveaway's Facebook fans and a special request from Borek, Myslicki agreed to include his name in the hat.

But he's just one of many inspiring people shared on the page.

"You have no idea what some people to do help out their community but it is really amazing," Borek told CTV News. "It is going to break my heart to choose just one."

Visit the contest's Facebook page to see more nominees for "The Most Loving Person."

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