Couple Sentenced For Oral Sex In McDonald's Drive-Thru

"You turned yourselves and your car into a human zoo."

Maybe next time they'll maintain their Mcdignity.

A Swansea, Wales, couple who admitted to having oral sex in a McDonald's drive-thru were scolded by a judge Friday, Wales Online reported.

"You turned yourselves and your car into a human zoo," Judge Paul Thomas said in a Swansea courtroom.

Lisa Victoria Gray, 28, and Rhys Higgins, 24, received suspended jail sentences for public indecency but Gray was also put under a four-month 9 p.m. curfew and Higgins was ordered into alcohol rehab, the Telegraph noted. In addition they had to pay more than $1,300 in court costs.

The judge's harsh words for the pair came after viewing a 20-minute video closed-circuit clip of the incident, the Mirror reported. In the wee hours of May 6, Gray and Higgins rolled into the drive-through apparently drunk, according to court testimony, per Wales Online. When delivery of their food was delayed, Gray proceeded to perform oral sex on Higgins with her legs dangling out the window while Higgins digitally penetrated her in full view of a car behind them and the McDonald's workers.

“Your animalistic lust led the two of you to abandon any shred of decency and self respect," the judge told them.

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