Quarrel Saves Couple From Paris Cafe Attack

"Luckily we fought, because if we hadn't, we would both be dead now."

We often hear about twists of fate that save people from tragedy, like travelers missing a flight that later meets with disaster.

In the case of the terror attack on a French cafe Friday, it was a quarrel that spared a French couple from a fusillade of bullets, Le Huffington Post noted.

Quentin Bongard said in a video interview posted by iTELE that he and his girlfriend were dining on the sidewalk at La Belle Equipe restaurant. They argued and he left, he said. His girlfriend went inside to pay -- and that's when the terrorists opened fire on the sidewalk full of customers.

His girlfriend hid behind a couch inside until the shooting was over, he recalled.

"Luckily we fought, because if we hadn't, we would both be dead now," he said.

Gunmen killed 19 and critically wounded nine others at the cafe, The New York Times reported, as part of several assaults Friday that have left at least 129 people dead.

The Times posted a translated version of the interview above. 

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