Kind Elderly Couple Teach Young Stranger How To Tie A Tie

"The older gentleman moved without hesitation... and gave him a step-by-step tutorial."

An elderly couple were caught on camera taking time out of their day to teach a young stranger how to do up his tie.

The husband and wife were waiting for a train at the Lindbergh Center MARTA station in Atlanta when they spotted the man, who was sitting on a platform bench and struggling with his neckwear.

The woman asked the man if he knew what he was doing. When he replied that he didn’t, she instructed her husband to help.

Atlanta resident Redd Desmond Thomas said he was standing nearby and happened to observe the tender moment.

The older man took the younger man through the entire process, giving him what Thomas described as "a step-by-step tutorial." He then asked the younger man to do it again by himself, to make sure that he had it.

Thomas uploaded a photo of the encounter to Facebook on Saturday. It’s since gone viral with more than 380,000 likes.

The two men and the woman have not been identified.

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