'Couples Therapy' Finale: Chingy And Temple Come To A Final Decision About Their Relationship (VIDEO)

On the season finale of "Couples Therapy," at least one couple found resolution. The treatment seemed to work for Chingy and his girlfriend, Temple -- though probably not in the way they would have liked. They decided that the right thing for them to do was to break up.

It was a respectful parting, with the couple realizing that this was what was best for them. They even vowed to remain good friends. Dr. Jenn Berman was proud of them for being so respectful and loving with such a difficult decision.

“I think our spirits are just that way anyway. That’s what has kept us friends," Temple said. "As mad as I may have been, as heated and disappointed, and hurt. I’m not that person.”

And they've been true to their vow. Chingy confirmed on Twitter that he and Temple are now just friends.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenn took to Twitter to reiterate her support for the couple's decision. She wrote, "Not every relationship is meant 2b saved. Sometimes success is walking away on good terms like [Temple and Chingy].”

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