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Couple's Beautifully Choreographed Wedding Dance To A Classic Hit Has The Crowd Cheering

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By Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle, writer at LittleThings

Wedding dances are like flavors: There are many varieties, and everyone has a favorite. Some couples prefer sweet, like these newlyweds' slow dance. Others enjoy an eclectic mix, like the way a couple made a mash-up of songs to perform a dance to remember. But this next couple decided to add a little kick to their first dance with a spicy routine!

Everyone knows the hit song from Dirty Dancing, "Time Of My Life." But do you think you could perform the dance from the movie, or even just that one famous move? It would be pretty hard to imitate, but Jesse and Rachel decided to give it a try... and with a fantastic result!

Dancing holds a special place in the couple's hearts, as Jesse was a salsa instructor who convinced Rachel to try it out only shortly after they met. So when it came down to deciding what their wedding dance would be, they knew they wanted to make it an extra special surprise for their guests. And just by watching the film, we can tell that they spent a lot of time on this one.

Watch the video to see how Jesse and Rachel managed to imitate that iconic move from the movie!

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