29 Couples Boudoir Photos That Are Almost Too Hot To Handle

What's sexier than being in love?
The couples boudoir photo trend is on fire.
The couples boudoir photo trend is on fire.

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship (and boost your own self-confidence while you’re at it!), consider a couples boudoir photo shoot.

These intimate photo sessions range from slightly steamy to straight-up seductive, and may include some sexy attire, just underwear or no clothing at all.

We asked real couples who have stripped down for a boudoir shoot together to give us an inside look at what the experience was like. Get ready to feel the heat in 3..2..1.

Autumn & Neal
"I am more liberal by nature and Autumn tends to be more conservative, so I was a little surprise when she asked if I would be interested. I, of course, had no misgivings about it. Sounded fun. Nonetheless we were both actually kind of nervous, even though there was nothing to be nervous about. There’s just something about someone taking pictures of you in that manner that makes it hard to relax. But we both had a lot of fun." -- Neal S.
Nishant & Laura
"The shoot truly captured our genuine connection in an unforced, natural way. A few times, we got so caught up in kisses and neck nuzzles that the photographer excused herself without us even noticing! The shoot was a great way for us to force ourselves to slow down and focus on nothing but each other for an entire hour." -- Laura G.
Kaitlin & Alex
"There is something that happens when you get to see your pictures for the first time together. They are raw and real. They are sensual. They are works of art, and the subjects on display are you and your partner. It is empowering, it is magical, and it is awe-inspiring. You fall in love all over again, not only with each other, but with yourself as well. You see yourself through your partner's eyes and that is a gift that is unimaginable." -- Kaitlin S.
Alex & Kris
"We blasted some Miguel, opened the balcony doors, popped champagne with our photographer Steph and had the best time. It was such an insane bonding moment for us. Kris had always been more reserved and enigmatic with her sexiness, but she really brought her A-game to our shoot and has opened up a lot as a result of embracing that side of herself so publicly. It was empowering, freeing, surprisingly effortless and allowed us to view each other through fresh eyes." -- Alex P.
Denise & Zach
"Although Zach was completely comfortable doing the shoot, I was terrified. After having children, the last thing I wanted to do was shed clothes in front of a stranger. I went because he encouraged me. However, photographers Jennifer and Bryan made me feel awesome. They boosted my confidence and coached me very well. It ended up being more like a date for Zach and me. I came out of the shoot feeling really good about myself. Getting the photos back made me even happier. It wasn't all pose and shoot. A lot of the photos were taken when we had no idea and they really showed the way that we looked at each other. It was amazing." -- Denise R.
Abby & Chandler
"Chandler and I have been together for about three years. He was in the Marines and living across the country and just moved home in July. Up until we did the photo shoot, most of our relationship has been long-distance so it was a perfect welcome home." -- Abby J.
Alexis & Adam
"We decided to do a couples boudoir shoot to remember that exact moment in our lives together. We were parents-to-be. New home owners. Young and in love. I always like capturing moments like these and looking back at them. " -- Alexis K.
Lucky & Mayzer
"The experience was a little awkward at first. Our photographer Becka told us to just make it look natural and seductive. I kinda just went full-out after that! It was a fun experience for sure." -- Lucky H.
Kyle & Tobi
"Tobi and I love photography, especially portrait photography. We were very new to our relationship when we decided to do the shoot. However, it seemed like the perfect time because we were very much still obsessed with that new love. I wanted photographs to capture the goosebumps I had gotten from the touch of my new partner." -- Kyle D.
Rene & Mike
"Five years ago, I was struggling with feeling like a woman. I'd had two children and been married for several years and felt that I had lost my femininity. My husband disagreed and always told me how beautiful I was. So I decided to do a boudoir shoot for him as an anniversary gift. Cindy took those pictures and made me see myself as my husband always saw me, so I asked my husband to do a couples shoot with me. He agreed." -- Rene E.
Bianca & Ernest
"The experience was actually pretty amazing. It was my first ever photo shoot so the days leading up to it, I was a little nervous. My boyfriend and photographer Jasemine's team made me feel so much more confident and comfortable from the music playing to cracking jokes. The photo shoot just made me love Ernest even more." -- Bianca S.
Erica & Josh
"I previously did a boudoir photo shoot of just myself for my boyfriend as a Valentine's gift. I had a positive experience and he enjoyed the photos so I gave my boyfriend the couples boudoir photo session as a gift for our most recent Valentine's. I wanted to capture the intimate and loving side of our relationship in quality photos that I could have forever. Also, something to look back on when we're old and gray!" -- Erica C.
Ashlea & Zak
"My husband and I decided to do an in-home boudoir session because we are newlyweds. We wanted to make a photo memory to commemorate our first home together in a more private and intimate setting." -- Ashlea R.
Monique & Rochelle
"When our photographer Kinzie approached us, we were excited because we had never done anything like this before and we were quite curious as to how it would come out. Oh my God, it was definitely an amazing experience. I believe it brought us together intimately." -- Rochelle C.
Maggie & Cameron
"At this time in our relationship, bodies were a very real, very tough topic in our lives. I was having health problems that caused some weight gain and Cameron [who was transitioning from female to male] hadn't had his top surgery yet, so I wasn't sure how being this intimate with another person not only present, but capturing these moments on film, was going to go. Turns out, it was almost freeing. I really think it was a turning point for us in how comfortable we were with sharing our bodies with each other more openly." -- Maggie H.
Ashley & Matt
"Once we really got into the shoot, we forgot that our photographer Mike was even in the room with us. Mike is so professional and was able to make us so comfortable. As for our relationship, it was a very intimate and great bonding experience. I definitely feel doing the photo shoot made that stronger." -- Ashley J.
Brittney & Brad
"The experience was awesome. It was the first 'date night' we had in a long time. We had so much fun and it definitely rekindled our relationship romantically. We have been together for six years, married for almost five, and have three wonderful boys." -- Brittney W.
Sarah & Samantha
"My wife Samantha was getting ready to deploy with the Navy so we wanted to do something special. She is very shy and was nervous, but our photographer Ashley really helped her warm up and just be as natural as possible. I honestly believe doing the shoot made a difference going through this deployment. It's nice to have those intimate photos as a reminder of our love for one another." -- Sarah R.
Holly & Ryan
"My husband and I have been apart for a good majority of our marriage because of him always traveling for work. That can be hard. Ryan has always been my best friend, protector, and better half. Of course, we have tons of cute photos together but nothing like this. I really wanted something that captured the raw, passionate side of our relationship. That way, the next time he has to go away for a while, I have something to hold onto that shows the more intimate side of love." -- Holly M.
Natalie & Chris
"Originally, the shoot was only Amber as the photographer and me as the model. Chris, my boyfriend, was working on his laptop at the kitchen table. I wanted to spice up the photo shoot, so I told him to throw on his suit and join in the fun! Our relationship has always been adventurous, and being photographed in lingerie with a yummy man in a suit made it even more spicy! We loved it." -- Natalie C.
Kenton & Don
"As a photographer and a gay man, I’ve always had a fascination with the male form. I had seen plenty of boudoir featuring heterosexual couples, but rarely saw images of two men in love. As far as the posing, the whole thing was goofy and silly. We smoked some weed (legal in our state) to get comfortable. It’s not every day you have someone photographing you half-naked, embracing your lover. After the clothes came off and the weed kicked in, we got used to it. By the end of the editing phase, it was really a boost to my self confidence." -- Kenton W.
Stephanie & Arryn
"I’ve always been a curvaceous woman, and a positive body image has always been a goal for me. I never thought about doing a boudoir shoot with my significant other until Arryn, my fiancé, suggested it. I honestly have never felt so confident wearing next-to-nothing with him by my side. He loves me the way I am and he would love me if I was ten sizes either direction. That’s what true love is. It was also really helpful to have a photographer we were familiar with and made us feel comfortable." -- Stephanie W.
Lizzy & Justin
"I wanted to do this shoot to capture the true 'Lizzy and Justin.' To capture the way he looks at me and how I look at him. Even though I see how he looks at me daily, there is just something about a moment captured in a photo that helps keep it alive." -- Lizzy C.
Liz & Riley
"If anything, the experience brought us closer. We have always been comfortable around each other, but being in that intimate of a setting forms a deeper bond." -- Liz B.
Alex & Corinne
"Alex and I are both very open people so I was a little surprised by how nervous I was to be in front of the camera. Brittany let us do the shoot in Alex's home, which helped to ease the nerves. I remember we started the shoot off with a pillow fight. It sounds silly but it got me laughing and my butterflies settled and made me more comfortable with the whole shoot." -- Corinne S.
Laura & Tim
"As photographers ourselves, we think it's really important to trust your photographer and feel totally at ease with them. Everyone's personalities are different, so finding someone you click with, and would consider a friend even, will help you get shots that go beyond the average. Also, we aren't above a healthy swig of champagne when needed." -- Laura S.
Camille & Neils
"In a way, it showed us how close and comfortable we are with each other, even in front of a stranger with a camera. Niels was a lot more comfortable doing it than I was." -- Camille W.
Angela & Steven
"It's been hard for me to feel sexy while pregnant. During the shoot, not only did I feel really sexy with my pregnant belly, but the way my fiancé would look at me or the way we would hold our stares and each other made me feel even sexier and passionate about him and us." -- Angela W.
Shantel & Nick
"We have been married for 10 years this year (together for 14) and it was an anniversary present to us both. It was so much fun -- Amy is an amazing photographer and also just an all-around awesome person!" -- Shantel P.

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