Couples Dish On Their Special Holiday Traditions

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The holiday months are not only special because of the home-roasted honey-baked ham or the endless amount of carefully-wrapped gifts staring at you from under the Christmas tree, ok ok that doesn't hurt, but also because of the annual traditions that you look forward to year after year.

When you're forming a new family, it's an exciting time to think about what you can build together as a couple to spread some extra holiday cheer. You may choose to carry over traditions from your upbringing, create new ones altogether or do a combination of both.

I went on a quest to dig up some creative holiday traditions that couples celebrate each year. Let's just say: mission accomplished! I found some great ideas to give you just the inspiration you may need to form some new holiday traditions with your one and only this Christmas.

Lauren Coburn of Hainesport, New Jersey has found a sentimental annual custom to show her affection for her husband.

"Every year I buy Zach a Christmas ornament that is 'his' ornament for the year. It is always something that is about him (football, pilot, grilling, boat) and it is always a hallmark ornament. Inside the lid, I write something to him for that year," she said.

Similarly, Courtney and John Hays of Johns Creek, Georgia, collect Christmas ornaments from the places they travel to together as a couple all year long. Then as they're decorating their Christmas tree, they get to relive all their travel experiences over the years.

Ashley Sump of Minot, North Dakota, and her husband Brian choose to remember those important to their lives with this yearly tradition:

"Every year at midnight on Christmas Eve, Brian and I light a big candle, say a prayer, and leave it burning all of Christmas Day in memory of those who can't be with us for the holiday," she states.

If celebrating with a big group of friends and family makes your heart swoon, Amy Morrison of Charlotte, North Carolina, has the perfect recipe for bringing everyone together.

"Each Christmas Eve since we've been married, our best friends come over. This has evolved and now includes five kids between us. We enjoy dinner and dessert around the fire with our friends who are more like family," she said.

But when you want a smaller, more intimate holiday experience with your significant other, Lynn Lilly and Molly Weir of Atlanta, Georgia have it all figured out.

"Every year we enjoy a nice dinner at Canoe [a fine-dining restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia]. We've been there six years on Christmas Eve now; they even call us for our standing reservation! Then we drive around and look at all the Christmas lights. Once we get home for the evening, we put on the movie, A Christmas Story," said Lilly.

"My now husband proposed at the Christmas tree farm where my family gets their trees from going on 20 years. Every year on our engage-versary, no matter what day of the week it falls on, we go to that farm and pick out our Christmas tree. We always revisit the exact spot where he asked [me to marry him] and where I said yes to being each other's teammate and spouse forever," said Wier.

Building holiday traditions together is a great way to grow your partnership. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or ostentatious, the simple things are often just as meaningful.

Now it's your turn! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions as a couple?