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These Inspiring Couples Are Fighting For Women's Equality Together

Politically active pairs are the ultimate #couplegoals.

Having a partner who understands the importance of women’s equality and feminism means everything, especially in these politically charged times.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we rounded up 13 couples who are allies in the fight for women’s equality.

Amanda Flynn
"I'm very proud to have a feminist partner. I am a psychology student and Mathew works in and studies business (although he was previously in biology and chemistry). Together, we have a daughter and two sons. It is so imperative to us that all of our children are treated as equals, especially when we are talking about STEM fields. We work together as a family and a partnership to ensure that our children are accepting, tolerant and most of all, confident in their opinions." -- Amanda Flynn
Hannah B.
"My partner Jamal is the love of my life and my greatest ally and friend. He supports me and pushes me to strive greater in all endeavors. He's a high school teacher who shapes young minds to think critically about their perception of the world. I'm a caregiver for those with Alzheimer's. We are both writers and I watch him, a black, Muslim man who wears his Haitian and Guyanese heritage with pride, use his work to advocate for the marginalized every day. He inspires me to do the same and together we rally as equals for voices seeking platforms of justice." -- Hannah B.
Lauren Santillano
"My husband and I have been married for almost four years and together for 11 years. I have always been the politically active person in our relationship. Since the increase of hate speech and Trump's rise to power, my husband has come out of his political shell. He hurts and he's angry when he hears of hate speech towards immigrants, women, and the LGBT community. He is a half Mexican and white cisgender male. It's so gratifying to see him become awake, have opinions, recognize his privilege and fight for those whose rights are being taken away. We are trying to become first time parents in the next couple of years and his activism and his views have made me so happy that he will be the father of our child someday. This is us at the Women's March in Sacramento!" -- Lauren Santillano
Holly Tyrrell
"Tyler and I met working part time at the same restaurant and one of the first things that attracted me to him was the volunteer work he was so passionate about. Every week Tyler delivers food from the city food bank to the women's center, as well as mentors a young man with autism and aspires to be a feminist, indigenous lawyer. Tyler strongly believes that people need to be given the support to thrive in their environments, not just survive. His passion for helping others inspired me to start volunteering at the women's center bi-weekly. It's amazing having a partner who encourages my growth in embracing and understanding intersectionality in my own feminism. Tyler has opened my eyes to the unique challenges indigenous people, particularly indigenous women, in Canada face. He has taught me how to think and speak critically about political policy that impacts indigenous people's lives. I look forward to a lifetime of learning with him and working together to better support those around us" -- Holly Tyrrell
Pam Brown
"My husband Zack and I made a conscious decision to work as a team to elect HRC. Through a text conversation, we decided we were going 'all in' and that we needed to let our children know we would do everything we could to fight for our values. A big part of that was assessing our individual strengths and deciding that he would take on extra childcare responsibilities while I volunteered on the campaign. Some nights I took care of dinner while he phone banked. Some weekends he watched the children while I campaigned in Nevada. We capped off the experience volunteering together in Las Vegas monitoring polls. It was a bittersweet night. After HRC's loss, I decided to take my daughter to DC for a week for the Women's March. He was more excited that my daughter met with Cecile Richards than I was, sharing their picture with everyone on Facebook. Activism has become a family affair and the current urgency for social justice and women's rights has brought his commitment into focus." -- Pam Brown
Kelley Alexander
"My boyfriend Steve is a Republican and was not a fan of Hillary. Though he was reluctant to go at first, I talked him into going to the Women's March with me. He took videos and pictures of the big crowd. He held up my signs. He got a lot of attention from nice ladies and they even took pictures of him. He had a great time. I teased him about getting a pink hat. The March was amazing and together we really felt the love, passion and support from everyone involved. I think he was glad he went. It may not have changed his political leanings but marching with me opened his eyes to gentler views. And I fell in love with him a little more because of the experience. It showed me that just maybe we’ll get through the next four years and it will be OK." -- Kelley Alexander
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