Couples Get Super Candid About What They'd Change About Their Sex Lives

“Slow. Down."

If communication is the cornerstone of good sex, these couples are in for a really good time.

In the WatchCut Video above, long-time couples get hilariously honest about little tweaks they’d like to make to their sex lives. (To help illustrate their points, the WatchCut crew brings in various produce ― oranges, bananas, cucumbers. So helpful!)

One man wishes his girlfriend would take a less “wham, bam, thank you, mister” approach to sex.

“Slow. Down,” he requests. “She just, like ― goes so fast, like the female version of jack rabbit. You’re the rabbit jacking me.”

“Ah, great,” his girlfriend says. “Our parents are going to be watching this.”

Yep, your parents and the entire Internet. Watch the clip above for more.

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