Couples Reveal Their Fondest Memories Together, And It Gets Emotional

Tissue, please!

It’s not often that couples sit down face-to-face and candidly share their most intimate feelings.

Six couples ― some that are dating and others that are married ― did just that in a BuzzFeed video posted Thursday called “Life Is Better With You.”

In the heartwarming video, couples answer questions about how they met, what they admire most about each other and their fondest memory together.

The response that made us surprisingly emotional came from married couple Danni and Jeff. At the 1:55 mark, Danni starts tearing up as she recounts the time she and Jeff were at an all-you-can-eat sushi bar with a policy that charged customers who didn’t finish what they ordered. Like the gentleman he is, Jeff stepped in and ate all of Danni’s extra rice so she wouldn’t be charged for not cleaning her plate.

“In the parking lot you threw up because you had so much rice,” she says in the video. “I ate all the good parts. You let me eat all the good parts.”

Watch the video above to hear Danni tell the story in her own words and to meet the rest of these endearing couples.

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