Couples Ask Each Other 'Am I The Best Sex You've Ever Had?'


Mainstream media offers few portrayals of romantic partners discussing the actual sex part of their sexual history. Why would they, when the vast majority of couples seen onscreen are beautiful, clever, rich -- and fake. Offscreen, people in committed relationships are more likely to wonder how they rank among their partner's past partners. The idea of asking, however, is rather unnerving.

"Am I the best sex you've ever had?" It's awkward to ask, and even more awkward on the receiving end if the answer isn't yes. But filmmaker Topaz Adizes was intent on showing how real couples navigate these clumsy conversations. So he invited them to ask.

In July, HuffPost highlighted a video in which couples ask each other "What would you do if I cheated on you?" Though slightly lighter in tone, "Am I The Best Sex You've Ever Had" has all the trappings of what honest conversations between couples are really like: including awkward silences, nervous laughter, attempts to deflect, a bit of hurt and surprise.

The clip is among dozens featured in "The And," Adizes' "interactive documentary." Viewers answer personal questions on the film's website, which then assembles a series of videos that might resonate.

If we imagine this conversation in a romantic comedy, it would surely be funny, resolved instantaneously and promptly followed by a happy ending. In matters of love, we grow up and learn to take magazine platitudes and sitcom tropes to with a grain of salt. With maturity we can grasp what intimacy probably won't look like, but projects like these remind us of all the ways it can.

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