'Couples Therapy' Premiere: DMX Fights With Tashera Over Infidelity, Says He Never Wanted To Marry (VIDEO)

"Couples Therapy" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on VH1) got off to a tumultuous start with DMX losing it totally over some of the issues within his marriage to Tashera Simmons. She brought up issues of respect and infidelity, but DMX countered by saying that he's the same as he's always been, and he's not ever going to change. Most importantly, he was up front about all of this with her.

In no uncertain terms, and in fact willed with several very certain profanities, DMX ranted that he'll never stop sleeping with women. "And that's what it is. I'm grown!" he shouted. "I make my own f*****g bed, and I'm gonna lie in it!"

"What you just said was disrespectful and no regards to my feelings," Tashera countered, but DMX said that it was respectful because it was honest. What's more important in a relationship? If he was upfront about this and she agreed to marry him anyway, should he change the behavior if she's finding it upsetting?

As the rant escalated, DMX revealed that he'd never wanted to get married in the first place. Tashera pressured him into it. Of course, this was "To be continued" because there's a whole season of this drama to get through.

Find out what happens next as DMX, Tashera and a whole slew of celebrity pairings enjoy a season full of "Couples Therapy," Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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