Couples Vacations Dubbed 'Hail-Mary-Moons' May Help Deter Divorce

The Vacation That Could Save Your Marriage

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Want to save your marriage? Some struggling couples are going on vacations -- dubbed "hail-mary-moons" by The New York Times -- as a way to reignite the marital spark.

Writer Carrie Seim, who penned the NYT piece, stopped by the "Today Show" on Thursday to explain exactly why couples are using vacations as a way to save their relationships.

"These trips are sort of a last-ditch effort in the final seconds of a relationship to sort of snatch victory from divorce," Seim said.

Tom Slook and Suzy Stauffer, who were profiled in Seim's piece, told the "Today Show" that taking a cruise together, after they had already separated, helped them patch up their marriage.

"We've learned things through our separation that worked, worked for us individually and worked for us as a family," Stauffer said.

Relationship expert Robi Ludwig said that although these "hail-mary-moons" may work for some couples, they aren't a magic cure for divorce.

"Anything that two people do together that is unique to that couple can increase a sense of intimacy," Ludwig said. "It's not magical, you go to a beautiful place [and] your relationship is in a better place. It's basically you have to intend on making it better."

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