Courage on the 60 Freeway

You're driving on the freeway. A car in front of you bursts into flames and there are people inside. What do you do?

UPS driver Lawrence Sanchez was faced with that question on the morning of September 6, 2013. As he traveled on the 60 Freeway in Riverside, California, he saw a Lexus sedan rear-end a 1993 Dodge pickup truck, which came to a halt in the fast lane and then burst into flames. He tells his story in this Bravery Tapes video:

"It was horrific," Sanchez said. "The most horrific thing I've seen in an accident and I've been driving almost 30 years."

Sanchez pulled over to help. When he arrived at the scene, the head of 25-year-old passenger Denise Perez was on fire. Sanchez grabbed his fire extinguisher and doused her. Soon, more bystanders arrived and pulled her out of the burning truck.

"There were several Good Samaritans who stopped and assisted the driver and the passenger within the Dodge pickup truck," said Travis Monks, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol in Riverside.

Perez sustained major injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The highway patrol declined to give more information about her condition.

Music in the video by The Poem Adept.