Court Not Serving People's Best Interests

It's way past time to impeach some Supreme Court Justices and many elected officials.

The Supreme Court "conservative" majority has made several rulings over the past few years that harm the people.

They have no doubt been making bad rulings for many years, but I've just become aware of them. A couple of years ago I heard an attorney speak about a bad ruling from 1921 and after. For the last five or six years these five men have overstepped their boundaries several times. When public officials put their own religions and ideologies before the good of the people and our constitution, they need to go!

Global corporations and the wealthiest 1% of Americans have bought and paid for enough politicians -- and apparently enough "Justices"-- that we no longer have a government that truly represents the people. If politicians were still loyal to the people, Congress would have immediately counteracted these rotten rulings. But they did not.

We are perilously close to losing our representative-democratic government. If corporations, their lobbyists, Supreme Court lackeys, and purchased politicians have their way, we will soon become an open-oligarchy--with the wealthy and corporations making our laws and controlling our military and police forces...controlling us!

If that happens, the People will no longer have any say in what happens. I fear we may already have a secret-oligarchy.

Corporations are created to "limit liability" -- a unique protection not available to real people. With Texas' new "loser-pays" laws that protect corporations from citizen suits, corporations are now closer to negating the pitifully few protections we citizens have left.

When BP fouled the water in our Texas Gulf, no one went to jail for fouling our water.

With the 2010 Citizens United ruling that corporations are "people"--which goes against reality and legality--corrupt "Justices" took a step closer toward negating citizens' rights. Our elections are being skewed and stolen.

This ruling allows corporations and their lobbyists to pour endless amounts of money into political campaigns with no requirement to reveal amounts they invest in buying our elections...nor to name those they are financing.

Another recent ruling allows states to limit who is allowed to vote in our "land of the free" in which every citizen is supposed to be guaranteed an equal right to vote.

With the recent Hobby Lobby Ruling, five men have decided to give employers the right to control their female employees' bodies.

In addition the McCullen Ruling criminalizes buffer zones between patients at women's clinics and protesters. No longer are patients at health care clinics protected from rude, crude protesters trying to take from them their right to choose what happens in their own bodies.

If this is truly to be the law of the land, then buffer zones between Justices and interested citizens and tourists must also be banned. Citizens must be allowed to look over Justices' shoulders while they work at their desks and to ask questions and to protest if they don't like what Justices are doing or writing.

No longer can politicians force protesters to stand behind fences far enough away from speakers that speakers do not have to see or hear George W. Bush did during his presidency.

What's good for the gander...

It's time to impeach every unjust "Justice" and to unseat every crooked politician. It's way past time to stand up to corporations which want to gain control of our government so they can negate our protective laws.

Look at the voting records of your elected representatives and senators at

A few years back "my" representative voted to allow lead paint on children's toys imported into America. He routinely votes for laws that harm the people but help big corporations.

If your public officials have voted for or supported laws that harm the people and help corporations, vote them out!

If we don't stand against them, we have everything to lose.

We must stand up for America now -- or we will lose our cherished freedoms!