Courteney Cox Quizzes Charlie Puth In 'Friends' Trivia

The "How Long" singer won the Geller Cup for his sitcom recall.

Courteney Cox learned something about Charlie Puth’s “Friends” trivia skills: He knows!

On Billboard’s “Quizzed” series posted Thursday, the “How Long” singer impressed Cox so much that she awarded him the Geller Cup ― an old touch football trophy her character Monica and Ross (David Schwimmer) argued over in a Season 3 episode. Cox explained that the troll doll-topped award had been at her bedside since the iconic sitcom wrapped (2004) and now it’s Puth’s.

“Why am I so emotional over this?” Puth replied.

Because you’re a trivia god, Charlie, who knows the lyrics to “Smelly Cat” and Dr. Drake Ramoray’s specific field of medicine.

All is forgiven for not knowing Monica’s pet peeve. And for anyone else who can’t recall, you’ll have to watch the segment above for the answer. Then stick around for Puth’s soulful rendition of the “Friends’ theme song “I’ll Be There For You.”