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Courteney Cox Says 'Cougar Town' Title Was A Mistake On 'Anderson' (VIDEO)

It's a name that has plagued the ABC comedy into its third season. For maybe the first several episodes, "Cougar Town" was a fun name that did apply to plotlines being explored. But that quickly fell by the wayside, in favor of simply having the series be about a forty-something year old woman, her family and friends. On "Anderson" (Weekdays, Syndicated), Courteney Cox admitted the name was a mistake.

"We started out being 'Cougar Town' because it was a good way to get people to be shocked by the title," she admitted. "It also was -- my son on the show, his football team -- in the town that we live in. So, it was a mistake, you know. Sometimes we make mistakes."

It certainly got people shocked, but it also turned many of them away from the show without even giving it a chance. Cox admitted that they've talked about changing the title of the show, but now in its third season it remains "Cougar Town" and it remains struggling in the ratings. Could an early name change have saved the show? Could a name change save it now?

Attempts to market the show and reach out to people who aren't willing to give it a chance because of their misconceptions about the series based on that title have yielded very few results. But Cox fears changing the name now could cost them some of their fans now. "We've talked about it, we've come up with names, but nothing seemed worth changing the name that would maybe lose some of our DVR audiences," she said, worrying their machines would be looking for the current name and not find it.

The third season of "Cougar Town" continues Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on ABC. "Anderson" is syndicated on weekdays nationwide. Check local listings for channel and time.

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