Courteney Cox And Suzanne Somers Cook Burgers And Use ThighMasters At Same Time

The two sitcom legends found common ground in a delightfully weird video.

Sitcom icons Courteney Cox and Suzanne Somers cooked turkey burgers while squeezing ThighMasters in a video shared Wednesday because — do you need a reason? It’s freakin’ Monica from “Friends” and Chrissy from “Three’s Company” doing something really off-the-wall with the fitness contraption Somers made famous. And it’s a hoot! (Watch it below.)

“Cook and tone,” Cox captioned the clip she posted to her Instagram.

The two appear to be merely grilling dinner before the camera pans down to reveal they are exercising with ThighMasters as well.

“You’re gonna love these turkey burgers,” Cox tells Somers.

“I love that you made them for us,” replies Somers, who also shared the footage on her account.

Somers built a home-workout dynasty marketing the ThighMaster, selling millions after she was fired from “Three’s Company” for demanding pay comparable to that of co-star John Ritter.

“My show was No. 1, and my demographics were the highest of any woman in television at that time,” she told HuffPost Live in 2015. “That’s how the ThighMaster happened after I got kicked off. ... It was my revenge.”

Perhaps her visit with Cox could spawn another venture.

“What a combo! Turkey Burger ThighMasters!” Somers wrote on her Instagram.

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