Courteney Cox Talks David Arquette Split On 'David Letterman', 'Regis And Kelly'

Courteney Cox made the talk show rounds this week, opening up on The Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday night and on LIVE! With Regis and Kelly Thursday morning about her relationship with ex David Arquette.

The message that came through loud and clear: it's complicated.

"I don't know what's gonna happen, I really don't," she told David Letterman when he asked what the future holds for the couple, who announced they were separating last year after 11 years of marriage. "...We're getting along so well that I hate to, like, rock the boat."

Cox dished on a recent trip to Disney World, confirming the story Arquette had told Howard Stern earlier this week about being sexually rejected during the trip:

"He told everybody, 'I tried to hit on Courteney at Disney World,' and I'm like, 'dude, that's not really, like, for everyone to know.'"

But, Letterman asked, did the incident happen?

"He did try to hit on me, yeah. He hit pretty hard, and I said, 'You know, you don't have the Fast Pass right now. Not to that ride!''"


On Thursday, Cox appeared on LIVE! With Regis and Kelly with an equally laissez-faire outlook.

When host Kelly Ripa observed, "People genuinely seem bothered by the fact that you guys aren't bothered. It seems like people want there to be strife and you seem to have a good handle on your separating," to which Cox replied:

"We do...at first it wasn't quite as easy...now we're able to actually look at the relationship and see, 'are we compatible? We know we love each other, but how does the rest of it work?