One Mom Created A Magic Harry Potter Cupboard Under The Stairs

Purely epic.

Courtney Bonnet knows how to manage mischief.

Upon moving into her new home, the librarian and mother of two was faced with a "dark, dirty storage space" under the stairs, she told HuffPost. But all that changed with the wave of a paintbrush and a wand, as Bonnet quickly transformed the space into a hideout of magical proportions.

Just swing open the door...

Facebook/Courtney McCarraher Bonnet
Facebook/Courtney McCarraher Bonnet
Facebook/Courtney McCarraher Bonnet

Bonnet's project involved patching up a hole in the wall, sanding it down and adding some extra wood panels, she told HuffPost. She then made a low-cost wallpaper from the pages of recycled Harry Potter books and laid down fresh carpet and pillows. After adding a few decorations, she estimates the total cost fell between $250 and $300.

We'd imagine similar accents -- a vintage steamer trunk, authentic Potter poster and lightning bolt fabric across the ceiling -- would spice up any interior alcove.

"My favorite part is that from the outside, you would have no idea what is inside," Bonnet said. "It's really fun having a secret hideout."

Well done for a muggle!

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