Courtney Love Attacks Edward Norton On Twitter

Courtney Love Attacks Edward Norton On Twitter

Courtney Love attacked ex-boyfriend Edward Norton on Twitter late Thursday night.

Love, who dated Norton in the 90s after costarring in "The People vs. Larry Flynt," doesn't make total sense, but as seen from the stream of tweets below, she seems to want Norton to pay her back $300,000 he took for a private fund before she gets the authorities involved. She posted a similar missive on Facebook last November.

As she types, "@EdwardNorton you want to be president, and i want you to be but clean ths [sic] mess up."

She also calls him a "terrifically bad sexist."

FBC is Frances Bean Cobain, Love's daughter, who currently has a restraining order against her mom and is living with her paternal grandparents.

Read from the bottom and work your way up as the most recent tweet is first. Earlier this week she used Twitter to talk about the strength of her vagina and her desire to have sex with and punch John Mayer.

From Courtney's stream (interim unrelated Tweets were edited out):

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