Courtney Love Discusses Gay Fans In 'Vanity Fair' Article

Grunge goddess Courtney Love, the lead singer of Hole and the widow of Kurt Cobain, has been busy touring with her band in recent months and is gearing up to release her upcoming memoir at the end of the year.

Vanity Fair caught up with Love recently to ask her about her upcoming projects and her return to acting. When asked about the tour coming to an end, Love gave a shout-out to a large percentage of her audience: gay men.

Well, it’s a little tour and it was really fun, but there’s no new single upending it. We came together as a band, but not everything sold out. It was a lot of gay guys and a lot of girls. Some women. I think the one straight man [in the audience] was a woman’s husband... I couldn’t quite tell. Without a single and without marketing, I’m not drawing on hetero males as a core audience. But thank God for the gays! My homos -- they stick by me through thick and thin.

This is not the first time Love has been vocal about the love for her gay fans. Earlier this summer in an interview for The Rainbow Times, a New England LGBT newspaper, she noted that when she performs, "I need the gays there. If I don’t have the gays, I just go nuts, because they always know every word and they’re the best core audience you can have."

And last year Love headlined "An Evening With Women," an event that raised money for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

Love's memoir (which she hopes to title "Girl With the Most Cake") will be released at the end of the year. To read her full interview with Vanity Fair, click here.



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