Courtney Love's Fashion Blog, What Courtney Wore Today, Launches

Courtney Love's Fashion Blog, What Courtney Wore Today, Launches

Not one to be left out of the fashion game, Courtney Love has started a style blog called What Courtney Wore Today detailing what she's been wearing lately. We're really into the behind-the-scenes pics and the vibrant illustrations. And the text is 100 percent Courtney-style prose. Some samples:

mens bespoke shirt , wangster t shirt, pre show Boston,plus anne boots , RO mens shirt and chloe "infamous" laser cut leggin's in Montclair New Jersey ( X" those Chloe leggings were an exclusive run of 100, they are really hard to find , did she ebay them? or just get lucky cos Chloe rarely gifts.... and I'm the declasse one so im going to call those covetable leggings at 800! for LEGGINGS! Good God, they have if i recall the editorial on them and the 3 pairs in the "CLOSET" intricate swirls, and laser cut buttons, but i seem to recall she wore Mcqueen leggings from Browns in Montclair w/ the Demuelmeester boots, which i believe she wears onstage every night" ) ahh...except two shes been wearing a pair of Manohla and i know CLO is no Manolo fan ..." Manonlo's are for teensy little things who like to toddle around, i did a walk of shame in lace Manolo's , it was raining in the street and i felt like they were soaked panties on my feet, I'm an Amazon, ( She IS 5'10 " and 3/4" she almost hissed at me when i informed her of her heighth... i dunno about the 3/4 but she is 5'10 and her theory runs something along the lines that Manolo's are too 'dainty' for "big girls"")


T. im sure she'll lose whatever, she got too skinny and scared everyone half to death when she first arrived in Manhattan, so i think she'll if that's what her heart is set on - but i have one name,.... RUSSELL SIMMONS... she may do a major game change, am not free to state what it is. Perhaps X. is right , look at Renee Zellweger or Kidman they are waaay too skinny and they get the campaigns , i also know she's up for a Major Perfume campaign thanks to Panos and Riccardo and the good people of LVMH..well see. First she's got to do a radical game change as people in the flyover states still think she's on drugs, or Bi Polar or something. They just don't have a clue she's obsessed with her wardrobe, i think she;s in chicago today, my first text this morning from CLC was a bit cryptic

Key takeaway: she's obsessed with her wardrobe.

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