Courtney Stodden Proves Her Breasts Are Real (VIDEO)

You can finally rest easy knowing that Courtney Stodden is all natural -- no breast implants for this self-proclaimed teen sex pot. Stodden took to Dr. Drew's "Lifechangers" to prove that she has never undergone a breast augmentation.

Stodden agreed to do an ultrasound in front of a live wide-eyed audience as Dr. Drew pointed out her natural breast tissue until (gasp!) the technician detected a "circular thing" below.

"Somebody must have drugged me up, put me under their surgery knife," Stodden joked upon the doctors' discovery. "Because I've had no surgery done."

But it turns out the object may have merely been part of the 17-year-old's bone and it was concluded that she is, in fact, all natural when it comes to her well-endowed chest.

Check out the video of Stodden's ultrasound below: