Courtney Stodden Career: From 'I Do' To The Hollywood Hills

Big hair, big -- and very real -- assets and a larger than life personality to match? You know who we're talking about. Courtney Stodden burst onto the scene this spring when she was given the moniker "teen bride" following her marriage to much older actor, Doug Hutchinson. So how has Stodden managed to captivate Hollywood and the rest of American in just a few short months? You tell us!

And while you're seriously pondering why it is that you just can't help but click when Stodden's name appears in your news feed, check out Courtney's road to stardom below:

May 20: 16-year-old Courtney marries 51-year-old "Green Mile" actor, Doug Hutchinson. The pair tied the knot in Vegas -- Courtney needed a consent form from her mother to make things official.

September 21: Courtney signs a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to star in her own reality show -- move over Kardashian clan!

October 3: The blonde bombshell makes a splash on the beach in Los Angeles, sporting a white bikini and what looks like spray-tanned abs.

October 17: Courtney's Facebook page was reinstated by the company after originally being deactivated for overt sexiness. Is it fair to say that Stodden brought sexy back to Facebook? We think yes.

October 22: The 17-year-old is kicked out of a pumpin patch for being too sexy -- catching on to the pattern here? Don't worry Courtney, they're just jealous!

October 27: Courtney's childhood photos surface, showcasing a young Stodden who was practicing her sexy poses long before she first hit the tube as "teen bride."

November 7: Voluptuous Courtney puts her breasts to the test on "Lifechangers," sitting through a televised ultrasound to prove she has never had implants.

November 30: Courtney's husband turns down a movie role that he believed was too risque -- the film in question followed a director who seduces a teen pop star. Too close to home?

December 1: Courtney was named among VH1's Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011 -- her mama, no doubt, is very proud.

Courtney Stodden Gets Kicked Out Of A Pumpkin Patch(CLONED)