'Covert Affairs': Annie And Auggie Together Again, But It's Not A Happy Reunion (VIDEO)

Annie and Auggie were finally reunited on "Covert Affairs," but it wasn't the happy reunion fans might have been hoping for. It didn't take long for Annie to figure out that Auggie slept with Helen while she was away. And it didn't take words, either. TV Equals' Michelle Carlbert noted, "So much being said without words. Wow."

"This is not what I wanted," Auggie said. "This is not what I want." And yet, this is exactly what he has.

Christopher Gorham, who went through that painful scene as Auggie, was also the director for this episode. He told The Hollywood Reporter that the relationship between Annie and Auggie will be uncertain moving forward. "Certainly there may be more conversations to be had about it, but it’s the beginning of a healing process," he said. "More than anything Auggie came out of the act more certain than ever about where his heart truly lay, which is still with Annie.”

Unfortunately, she's got some feelings of betrayal to work through on "Covert Affairs," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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