'Covert Affairs': Auggie And Annie's Big Relationship Decision (VIDEO)

Auggie and Annie made a tough and heartbreaking decision on "Covert Affairs."

“You’re feeling like you can’t have love and be a spy, like you have to choose?” Auggie asked Annie. At this point, they just felt like there was no other way forward.

“So is that it? Is this ... it?” Annie asked.

“I guess so," Auggie said.

And with that, millions of fans began to mourn the breakup of Auggie and Annie. Over at TV Equals, Michelle Carlbert thinks the rest of the season is going to be full of angst. “I just can’t imagine that a connection like that will go away so fast," she wrote. "But I do wonder how long they will try to stay away from each other due to their need to protect the other.”

Meanwhile, TV Fanatic's Carla Day has her fingers crossed for a happy ending for the couple. "It was distressing to watch, but I'm putting that aside for now and holding firm that Walkerson isn't over," she wrote. "Annie and Auggie will overcome this blip in their relationship and move forward stronger than ever.”

Find out what the future holds for Auggie and Annie -- together or apart -- on "Covert Affairs," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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