'Covert Affairs': Calder Demands Radio Silence Between Auggie And Annie During Missions (VIDEO)

Calder officially took over the DPD on "Covert Affairs" this week, and he immediately made some big changes. The biggest change was to Annie's major relationship in the field.

“As of this mission, I’ll be Annie’s handler," Calder said. But that wasn't his only caveat. While Auggie was still in Annie's ear during the next mission, there was a new rule in place that would have rendered that fact completely inconsequential.

“During this mission, I need 100 percent radio silence between you two," Calder told them.

“We can’t communicate? Why?” Annie asked.

“Sounds harsh, but it’s in your best interest," Calder said. He never did explain how it was in their best interest, though. This led Allison Nichols, writing for Examiner, to question his motives. "Either it’s a petty revenge type move, which doesn’t seem like him, or he is attempting to drive a wedge between Annie and Auggie, which doesn’t even come close to working," she wrote.

Annie and Auggie didn't follow this new order. They communicated throughout her mission, though this did prove dangerous. Still, Annie thanked Auggie for always looking out for her as her handler. Of course, Calder was none too happy.

Writing for Gather, Amy Outland said that at this point, no one trusts Calder -- not even the viewers. All we can do is keep watching to find out what he's up to, and why.

"Covert Affairs" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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