'Covert Affairs' Finale: Annie Finally Faces Off Against Henry Wilcox (VIDEO)

After a long chase, and plenty of struggles in China, Annie finally confronted her nemesis on "Covert Affairs." She had Henry Wilcox in her crosshairs, and there was virtually no hesitation. Wilcox asked how he found her, and Annie didn't even take the time to answer. "Does it matter?" she asked moments before shooting him multiple times.

And with that, Wilcox is finally gone and Annie can finally come in out of the dark. Zap2It's Laurel Brown had a few questions after watching this Season 4 finale. "Was it worth it?" she wondered. "Who will Annie be next season? What's the future for Annie and Auggie?”

Executive producer Chris Ord promised to answer those questions next summer, as TV Line reported. "This is something we’re exploring, but it’s definitely going to change her," he said. "How could it not? We are starting off on Season 5 in the next couple weeks, just trying to think about what the stories are going to be and what Annie’s emotional trajectory is going to be, and this act will certainly factor into that.

"Covert Affairs" returns for its fifth season in Summer 2014 on USA.

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