'Covert Affairs' Finale: Big Moment Could Change Everything For Two Characters (VIDEO)

It took three years and 43 episodes for Annie and Auggie to get to this point, but finally enough was enough. So for the season finale of "Covert Affairs," Auggie took a moment, grabbed Annie's face and did what fans have been waiting for all this time: He kissed her.

The moment was seen as authentic and natural by TV Fanatic, while TV Guide was glad to finally see the big payoff.

Luckily for fans, "Covert Affairs" has already been renewed for a 16-episode fourth season, so there will be plenty of time to deal with the aftermath of this moment. If Auggie and Annie decide to transition into a personal relationship, that could create all kinds of new dynamics at work and while on assigment.

One thing the creators wanted to do was make sure it was the right time for this development. They told Entertainment Weekly, "We needed to honor the chemistry … it just felt like we’d been working so hard to stave off the relationship that we just couldn’t do it anymore."

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