'Covert Affairs' Premiere: Goodbye Annie Walker, Hello Jessica Matthews (VIDEO)

It was goodbye Annie Walker and hello Jessica Matthews as "Covert Affairs" returned to USA with its mid-season premiere. After faking her own death in the previous episode, Annie gave herself a new identity, but had the same determination to take down Henry Wilcox.

Her first target was Henry's ex-wife, Sana, but her cover was blown in the middle of that operation ... by Sana. "I have this gun so I can ask the questions," Sana told her. "I knew you were in the game the minute you mentioned Henry, that first night after therapy.”

“Henry destroyed my life, and the people I care about," Annie told her. "So, if you don’t want to be next, you’re gonna start trusting me right now.”

Ultimately, Annie was able to convince Sana to trust her, and in this way she gained an ally in her quest. But TV Fanatic's Carla Day doesn't trust it. "If Sana believed that Henry would send someone to watch her, it's likely that he's done that," she wrote. "The longer Annie sticks with her the greater the chance that her fake death will be found out by him.”

Zap2It's Laurel Brown shared her caution. "It's just kind of too bad that Annie gets found out by an assassin-type with Wilcox connections. Will Annie have to become like her enemy in order to survive?” According to Piper Perabo's interview with HuffPost, the answer to that question is yes. "It gets pretty dark ... Even in the locations; emotionally; physically; the danger, all of it … she has to operate from almost a criminal point of view," Perabo said. "It gets kind of dark. Not just the hair. The hair's a total metaphor -- when Annie's hair goes blonde again, you'll know everything's gonna be fine."

We'll keep an eye out for that lighter hair on "Covert Affairs," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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