'Covert Affairs': Teo Goes After Henry, Leading To Tragedy (VIDEO)

Teo had his sights set on getting revenge against Henry, who's become pretty established as the "big bad" of "Covert Affairs" right now. Annie talked him out of it, saying that if Teo killed Henry, then Teo's father, Arthur, would be disappointed in him. Maybe she should have let him go through with it.

After a rocket launcher blast destroyed a helicopter, killing several important US officials, it was Teo who was set up as the trigger man. Henry's men set the rocket launcher down next to Teo's unconscious body. Annie did show up in time to help Teo escape before he was taken into custody, but he was shot in the process. Later, he died from his wounds.

“Now that Teo is dead, will Arthur go after Henry and try to finish him off just like Teo wanted to do?" asked TV Fanatic's Carla Day. "It seems unlikely that Teo's death would be enough to satisfy Henry's anger and quest to make Arthur pay. A face off between these two experienced and powerful spies would be epic.”

Over at TV Equals, Michelle Carlbert thinks that all signs are pointing to a bad end for the "big bad." She wrote, "Henry’s plan with the helicopter may have worked in the short term, but I’m thinking they’re going to get him in the end. He’s brought too much trouble to our team and now, with Teo’s death, things are about to get serious.”

How will they take down Henry? Find out on the "Covert Affairs" midseason finale, next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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