Covfefe? Its The Name Of The New Russia Alliance

Russia and Trump. Trump and Russia. What did Jared know? Back channel communications. Covefefe.

The very idea that a Presidential typo on Twitter is meaningful is enough to make any sane person wonder what Washington has devolved into — Kremlinology was never this fun.

It is time to ask the question that it seems only members of the president’s inner circle are asking — why can’t we treat Russia as a full partner? Why are they regarded as some sort of enemy?

Last I looked we have NEVER had a war with Russia. Yes, we sent troops to fight with the white Russians against the communists — but our declared opponent was communism not Russia. We had a lengthy cold war against the communists and we won. BUT none of this translates into having a problem with Russia.

A three power global system (the US, China, and Russia) is stable. To the extent that those three powers can help the latent power that is India, the world will be even more stable.

Do we have the same interests as the Russians? No. That applies to both the Russian people and the Russian government. BUT SO WHAT? By definition we should not expect to have the same interests. Would we be opposed to the Russians overthrowing the governments of Eastern Europe and installing their own puppets? Of course we would. But there is NO indication that they have any desire to do that.

If we drop the pretense that Russia and China are our enemies, we can begin to deal with them as full partners. The British are our partners and we fought several wars against them. The Spanish are our partners and we fought against them. The Germans. The Japanese. Enough with the pretend enemies.

The enemies we do have are few but mighty: ISIS, Iran, North Korea, and the Venezuelan dictator. If we focus on dealing with these REAL threats we can devote the resources we need to other REAL problems: health care, education, infrastructure, the elderly, homelessness.

So enough with the Covfefe. It is time to end the charade that Russia is a problem. Russia is an opportunity. Let’s seize it.

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