Ask Our Editors: How COVID-19 Is Changing Sex, Dating And Our Relationships

Join HuffPost in a Q&A about how intimacy, love, friendships and familial relationships are transforming during this global pandemic.

We had such overwhelming interest and participation in our recent virtual event on sex and intimacy during the coronavirus that we are hosting a new live online forum on the topic — this time solely focused on answering your questions.

Join HuffPost Executive Editor Hillary Frey and Personal Editorial Director Noah Michelson for a live Q&A on Wednesday, May 13, at 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for Ask Our Editors: How COVID-19 Is Changing Sex, Dating And Our Relationships.

Hillary and Noah will spend the hour taking your questions about dating, intimacy, relationships, human touch and making connections at a time when we’re socially distancing from everyone who doesn’t live with us. While Hillary and Noah aren’t medical experts, they’ll be ready to answer questions from our readers, such as:

  • What do you say when someone is pressuring you to meet up during stay-at-home orders?

  • How do you maintain an existing relationship when you’ve been suddenly separated by the pandemic?

  • How do you nurture family ties overall, and specifically, with small grandchildren?

We’re excited to talk through your questions as we navigate this strange new world together. For more info about our event, go here.