Street Artist Goes Full 'Pulp Fiction' To Encourage COVID-19 Vaccinations

“Injections save lives, both yours and mine, as anyone that has watched ‘Pulp Fiction’ will know," artist John D'oh said of his John Travolta art in Bristol, England.

British street artist John D’oh turned to that overdose scene in the hit 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction” to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The pseudonymous artist stenciled an image of one of the film’s stars, John Travolta, in Bristol, England, on Friday. “Injections save lives,” he wrote alongside the piece. “Get your coronavirus jab.”

“Injections save lives, both yours and mine, as anyone that has watched ‘Pulp Fiction’ will know,” D’oh wrote on Instagram. In the movie, Travolta’s character stabs Uma Thurman’s unconscious character in the heart with an injection of adrenalin, reviving her from a heroin overdose.

The artist told HuffPost he was “more than happy” to receive the coronavirus vaccine, so life can “return to normal, or as normal as it can be.”

He also expressed surprise that some people are opposed to receiving the shot.

“Some people think they are going to get micro-chipped and whilst some people will take a pill containing an unknown substance on a night out they will refuse a medically and scientifically-produced vaccine,” he noted.

D’oh has been a prolific street art documenter of the pandemic, and has collated his pieces honoring health care workers and swiping at both ex-President Donald Trump and the United Kingdom government’s mishandling of the public health crisis in a book.

John D'oh
John D'oh
John D'oh

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