Cow Escapes Butcher, Charges Police, Takes Bullet And Leads Cops On Mile-Long Chase

Unfortunately, the cow's daring bid for freedom came to a tragic end.

A Kansas cow escaped from a processing plant and went down fighting, charging at a police officer and taking a bullet before ultimately being caught and sent back to the plant.

Brock Volkman of Richards Cold Storage in the city of Valley Center told The Wichita Eagle that the cow escaped on Thursday while a customer was bringing her to be butchered.

The Valley Center Department of Public Safety posted about the event on Facebook, saying that the cow took off and ultimately made her way onto some railroad tracks. An officer was attempting to get her off the tracks when she charged at him, at which point he shot the cow.

But a bullet didn’t stop her, a police representative told HuffPost.

“Officers followed her another mile through fields before representatives from the processing locker caught her,” a spokesperson for the department told HuffPost in a Facebook message. 

But her bid for freedom came to a sad end. Volkman told the Eagle that the cow being shot did not damage the meat. 

Though some animals that escape slaughter are ultimately rescued and sent to sanctuaries, the police spokesperson said this cow’s fate was out of the department’s hands.

“Taking her to an animal rescue would have been a decision the owner would have to have made,” the spokesperson said.



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